Climate Change is a problem that we continue to contribute to. If you have spend time in a city, you've undoubtedly experienced smog. In Salt Lake City, Utah smog is often caught in in the valley due to pressure systems in what is called an "Inversion." These pressure systems lock in the smog produced by the many plants, mines and refineries, and the cars we drive everyday, making it difficult for many to breath, decreasing visibility, and making the city feel overall dirty. However, when the pressure systems change and release the pollution into the atmosphere we rejoice for clean-air often forgetting that all of that pollution is released into the atmosphere exacerbating the problem with Climate Change.

This is an ongoing project that I will continue to work on to show the beauty and ugliness of pollution and the air that we breath.

Pollution is not the only issue that is destroying the places we call home, the places we enjoy and the places we recreate. Public Lands have come under attack, and the promise of wild places is a promise that seems to be fading.

Please take a moment to learn more about the Public Land Heist, what it means and how you can get involved by!