The Proposal

A handful of days ago I got a Facebook message from Chase, my cousin Megan's boyfriend. He was curious if I could photograph his proposal to Megan. I of course jumped at the opportunity and so Chase and I met up the day before and scouted locations that would be a beautiful setting for him to pop the question, but that also had an area for me to hide so as not to ruin the surprise. After a bit of looking around Temple Square we found the perfect spot in the garden area on the north side of the Salt Lake Temple.

The next evening I arrived at Temple Square and spent some time dialing in my settings while waiting for Chase and Megan to come out of the temple. The plan was to hide and photograph them as they walked to the proposal spot, then after getting a few shots, hustle to the spot by a shortcut and get set for the question.

Things worked out pretty well despite Chase's family not being hidden, but Chase was able to distract Megan while they ducked out of site. I was able to photograph the proposal and then spent a few minutes afterwards photographing the newly engaged and glowing couple. What an awesome experience it was for me!