Hudson Elle

Nearly four weeks ago Kyra and I welcomed a large 10lb 9oz baby daughter, Hudson Elle, to the world. Despite getting stuck in the birth canall (shoulder distotia), she was born happy and healthy. It's been a process getting back into newborn life, especially with a two year old running around like the cutest whirlwind you've ever seen.

It was a very special experience watching Kyra give birth to our quiet large little girl completely natural. She is an amazing women who I am so happy to call my wife and the mother of our two little girls.

Before we left the hospital I snapped a few photos of Hudson. I'm not a baby photographer, nor do I want to pursue that type of work (too many awkward poses and such for me, but hats off to those who do, it's a tough gig), but it was fun to take photos of our newest little girl.