Tiger Lily Apparel Shoot

Tiger Lily Apparel is a little boutique in Orem, Utah who reached out looking to get some photos done for a website they will be launching soon. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity, trying to grow a photography business in the overly saturated photography market in Utah Valley is tough work.

We got a later than expected start and had some things switch around last minute. We were planning on shooting indoors, but things changed on that front so we headed outside to brave the harsh 2pm sun. We were able to make things work with some shaded areas and the help of some friendly clouds. It was quite the production of the models changing, getting photographed, then changing again in a constant and quick rotation. All in all we were able to get about 80 edited shots in 1.5 hours, not bad. I actually really enjoy shooting product, it's always a fun challenge to show use the camera to show of details of clothes and other items. Here's a look at a few of shots for Tiger Lily Apparel.