homeless: a story

The evening of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, was a cold one. The high for the day in Salt Lake City, Utah was in the low 20's. With just four days until Christmas, the streets were alive with cars and people despite the chill, bustling from stores and shops, no doubt looking for that last minute gift for Uncle Larry or cousin Jane.

Yet, if you stopped for a couple of moments and looked past the busyness of Christmas shoppers and studied the scene of downtown you would see what we often look right past, right through, as if our minds have created a filter in which we don't notice the people who call the streets home.

The cold bit through my gloved hands as I chatted with Nitro, from Maverik, about the plan. Levi nodded and added a few details I had missed. The plan was simple, Nitro would hand out some hot hamburgers from Maverik, while chatting with those who call the streets home. We wanted to hear some of the stories of those who live without a home, especially during the Christmas season.

Our goal was to learn about and share the stories and faces of those with whom we talked in hopes that we can all look at each other with a bit more love and kindness.

For a look at the whole collection please visit: landonfaulknerphotography.pixiest.com/homeless

* The video from Uphill Cinema is coming soon.